Why is it So Important to Support Local Art?

Why is it So Important to Support Local Art?

Why is it So Important to Support Local Art?

In a world where it tends to be overwhelmingly easy to pick up some generic artwork at Walmart while doing some grocery shopping, it can be easy to lose connection with our local art community. Today, we’d like to take a moment to talk about the importance of supporting local artists.


More than Meets the Eye

When you purchase a piece of artwork from a local artist, you’re doing much more good for your community than you might think.


The truth is that most local artists care very much about their community; they strive passionately to help make their community beautiful and proud. Many artists are closely involved with city clean-up efforts, as well as mural and public sculpture openings. In fact, it’s quite common for local artists to maintain a strong involvement in the bettering of the community as a whole.


When you make an investment in a piece of artwork that was done by a local artist, you’re not simply throwing more money towards a massive corporation that is largely disconnected from both you and the people in your town; you’re compensating a hard-working artistic individual in your community, and making an investment in the community itself.


That’s why here at Kentucky Creative, we are proud to display various different types of local artwork in our Corbin, KY location; we are dedicated to providing Corbin with a strong sense of community and rich, friendly culture.


We believe that members of local communities should find a strong sense of camaraderie and pride in each other, and enjoying and celebrating artwork is a fantastic way to do so. We’re on a mission to help Kentucky artists capitalize on their talents while creating a warm, welcoming, and friendly environment.


Kentucky Creative LLC: Showcasing Local Kentucky Artists

Kentucky Creative is an art gallery/bistro in Corbin, KY that strives to be a melting pot for the community’s incredible local Kentucky artists.


We started from one man's search for art in his office; Local Attorney Jeremy Bryant enlisted the help of friends and local artists to create what currently exists in our impressive and beautiful gallery.


We currently house talent from over 30 local artists. The incredible art that we are proud to showcase covers all bases: painting, drawing, woodworking, photography, knitting, crocheting, sculpting, pottery, music, writing, and even corn shuck dolls.


Kentucky Creative was launched to provide locals with the ability to come to see these incredible works of art and purchase the pieces that truly move them to take home and enjoy in their homes.


While you're visiting, you can enjoy delicious food from the bistro that has a lovely Kentucky spin.


Questions about our upcoming events? Are you an artist looking to promote your work? Come on by our Corbin art gallery, or give us a call anytime at (606) 280-7740!